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New Hampshire Education Resources

New Hampshire Attorneys      
Attorneys that represent parents and students
in special education matters.
New Hampshire Advocates
Advocates that assist parents and students in
special education matters.
New Hampshire Professionals
Various professionals (psychologists, speech-language pathologists, etc.)
that evaluate and provide services to students with disabilities.
New Hampshire Organizations 
Organizations that provide support, resources and information
New Hampshire and out of state schools
Education Laws 
Links to special education and other New Hampshire education laws
along with federal laws like Section 504, FERPA & No Child Left Behind
and resources that explain these laws.
Other helpful resources   
Helpful information about the education laws and related topics for parents,
educators, attorneys advocates and professionals



NHEdLaw, LLC does not  specifically endorse or promote the individuals,
groups, schools  or organizations that  are included as resources on this  site.
The references are for your information and investigation only.
If you would like to be added to the resources page send an email to us
with your name and contact information.

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